No Mothers EP


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This album was recorded through the summer of 2015, edited through the autumn, and released on the cusp of the winter solstice. It is the first record we've made together as a full band and we're super proud of it.
We made it for you.


released December 19, 2015

No Mothers is:
John Kastelic: viola & vocals
Tony Kastelic: viola & vocals
Paul Patko: drums
Michael Vaughan: upright bass

Accordion on track 5 by Mike Bell

Produced by John Kastelic, Tony Kastelic, and David Spidel
Recorded at Redlight Recording, Vancouver, BC
Recorded and Mixed by David Spidel
Mastered by Jamie Sitar
Cover photo by Kale Beaudry;
Design by John Kastelic




NO MOTHERS Vancouver, British Columbia

Pushing the limits of how much ruckus can be made by two humans and their fiddles, the Brothers K holler out songs of whiskey, sagebrush, love, The Other Side, pirates, bicycles, and skeletons dancing in the grave. Aided by their friendly beards and mighty violas, Tony and John meander gracefully from bellowing fury to cosmic sentimentality. ... more

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Track Name: Bicycle
when I first moved here I was just seventeen
had good ideas but was young and naive
I bought a bicycle but it treated me so mean
so I went searching for a kinder machine

I walked for ages down streets I'd never been
until I found a shop I'd seen in a dream
inside was a bearded man as big as a tree
his mouth was filled with gold he smelled like the sea and he said:
boy I know you've come a long way indeed
but don't you trouble -- I've got just what you need
and in the corner was the bike of my dreams
it shone like lightening. It had twenty-three speeds!

bicycle oh bicycle
bicycle you're shining so keen!
bicycle yeah bicycle!
me and my bike we're a fiercer shade of green

make me an offer boy but don't waste my time
you can search around but it's the last of its kind
it's old as the Buddha but it's riding so fine
it'll take you anywhere it'll turn on a dime
when you're feeling heavy it'll cross any line
this bike's a racehorse oh my god can it fly!

bicycle oh bicycle
bicycle you're burning so clean!
bicycle yeah bicycle!
me and my bike we're a fiercer shade of green

I held out a rooster's tooth and a firefly's shine
a perfect seashell an original rhyme
a burning matchstick and a mercury dime
two matching snowflakes cured in dandelion wine
he shook my hand said "son that's fair as can be"
and I said "thank you sir for setting me free!"

bicycle oh bicycle
bicycle tell me where you gonna go?
bicycle yeah bicycle!
as for me and my bike we will serve the road
Track Name: Burn It Down
there's an itch that you've been scratchin
and it doesn't broker choice
there's desire you've been hatchin
but you don't wanna give it voice
well you've been sleeping for so long, my friend
it is time you had awoke
for we've dreamt that summer flame
now arise to the smell of smoke

burn it down, burn it down
smash your idols on the ground
make an offering, say a prayer
watch the cinders swirl around
burn it down
burn it down, my love,
and we will sow that blackened field
where flowers grow

there's a river, there's an ocean
there's a poison drop of rain
there's a sickness there's no potion
bones are risin in the drain
well that stew is growin thick my friend
set the table boil the rags
for that feast will soon be ready
fill your lungs with the song of plague

there's a chain that you've been wearin
and a furnace in your eyes
there's a pain that you've been bearin
calm your worries give a sigh
well your blood is runnin hot, my friend
there is pleasure on your breath
and that chain will soon be glowin
free your mind of the fear of death
Track Name: Far Away Home
where's the path to guide me?
show me where to go
cuz my feet are tired of stumbling
through this cold and trackless snow

I've poured through maps and atlases
just to try and understand
where it is I have come from
and where it is I am
but those maps they showed me nothing
and they've fallen from my hands
are mine the only footprints
in this vast and wild land?

I'll follow my heart my heart my beating heart
if I'd been a little wiser I'd have done so from the start
but I can't be blamed for learning all the lessons of my toil
and all I have lost to sorrow I will someday find as joy
at the end of every nighttime a new day waits to show
another road to point me to my far away already home

may the wind dissolve the footprints
that tell of where I have roamed
I will leave no lasting gestures
no graven marks in stone
may I be swallowed utterly
by time which claims all things
for I am just a melody
while the wild wind still sings
Track Name: Move Together
I've got a body in time
you've got a body also
let's move our bodies in time
oh come on move together
you've got a body like mine
and yours is dancing also
let's move our bodies in time
oh come on move together

come on move together

I keep these models in mind
the sun the moon the atom
the rise and fall of the tide
the blood that pumps inside us
and if we're moving in time
I know good things will happen
the walls will fall to the side
if we just move together
oh let me tell you now

to sing to laugh to dance around
I got so high I ain't never come down
the day the night the sound
it's hard to keep my feet on the ground

if things don't go like you hoped they would
yeah put your best foot forward
the moment can't bear but change
get back the good good feeling
if trouble follows you round
you gotta keep in motion
the moment can't bear but change
oh come on move together

come on move together

I see you're moving so fine
yeah we're so glad you joined us
thank you for sharing your time
and all your good emotion
our dance is inside and out
our song is brightly coloured
we're gonna shake it and shout
be heard for miles and miles

come on move together
Track Name: Man of Constant Sorrow
I am a man of constant sorrow
I've known troubles all my day
I bid farewell to south alberta
the place where I was born and raised
the place where he was born and raised!

for six long years I've been in trouble
no pleasure here on earth I've found
for in this world I'm bound to ramble
I have no friends to help me now
he has no friends to help him now!

now it's farewell to thee my gentle lover
I do not think we'll meet again
for I am bound to ride that northern railroad
perhaps I'll die upon this train

you can bury me in some deep valley
for many years there I may lay
then you may learn to love another
while I am sleeping in my grave
while he is sleeping in his grave!