Far Away Home

from by NO MOTHERS



where's the path to guide me?
show me where to go
cuz my feet are tired of stumbling
through this cold and trackless snow

I've poured through maps and atlases
just to try and understand
where it is I have come from
and where it is I am
but those maps they showed me nothing
and they've fallen from my hands
are mine the only footprints
in this vast and wild land?

I'll follow my heart my heart my beating heart
if I'd been a little wiser I'd have done so from the start
but I can't be blamed for learning all the lessons of my toil
and all I have lost to sorrow I will someday find as joy
at the end of every nighttime a new day waits to show
another road to point me to my far away already home

may the wind dissolve the footprints
that tell of where I have roamed
I will leave no lasting gestures
no graven marks in stone
may I be swallowed utterly
by time which claims all things
for I am just a melody
while the wild wind still sings


from No Mothers EP, released December 19, 2015
Lyrics by John Kastelic




NO MOTHERS Vancouver, British Columbia

Pushing the limits of how much ruckus can be made by two humans and their fiddles, the Brothers K holler out songs of whiskey, sagebrush, love, The Other Side, pirates, bicycles, and skeletons dancing in the grave. Aided by their friendly beards and mighty violas, Tony and John meander gracefully from bellowing fury to cosmic sentimentality. ... more

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