Burn It Down

from by NO MOTHERS



there's an itch that you've been scratchin
and it doesn't broker choice
there's desire you've been hatchin
but you don't wanna give it voice
well you've been sleeping for so long, my friend
it is time you had awoke
for we've dreamt that summer flame
now arise to the smell of smoke

burn it down, burn it down
smash your idols on the ground
make an offering, say a prayer
watch the cinders swirl around
burn it down
burn it down, my love,
and we will sow that blackened field
where flowers grow

there's a river, there's an ocean
there's a poison drop of rain
there's a sickness there's no potion
bones are risin in the drain
well that stew is growin thick my friend
set the table boil the rags
for that feast will soon be ready
fill your lungs with the song of plague

there's a chain that you've been wearin
and a furnace in your eyes
there's a pain that you've been bearin
calm your worries give a sigh
well your blood is runnin hot, my friend
there is pleasure on your breath
and that chain will soon be glowin
free your mind of the fear of death


from No Mothers EP, released December 19, 2015
Lyrics by Tony Kastelic




NO MOTHERS Vancouver, British Columbia

Pushing the limits of how much ruckus can be made by two humans and their fiddles, the Brothers K holler out songs of whiskey, sagebrush, love, The Other Side, pirates, bicycles, and skeletons dancing in the grave. Aided by their friendly beards and mighty violas, Tony and John meander gracefully from bellowing fury to cosmic sentimentality. ... more

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